Monday, 4 June 2018

Chinese police use facial recognition to catch man accused of stealing £12,000 worth of potatoes at concert of 20,000 people.

Chinese Police caught the man using facial recognition technology: Weibo.
Authorities in China have arrested a potato-thieving concert goer using facial recognition technology.

The technology managed to locate Mr Yu who was wanted for allegedly stealing £12,711 worth of potatoes as he attended a Jacky Cheung concert.

The technology picked him out of a crowd of 20,000 attendees at Jiaxing Sports Ceter in Zhejiang.

Shen Yueguang from the Nanhu District Public Security Bureau said: “A few minutes after he passed through the security checkpoint, our system issued a warning that he was a wanted person.”

Mr Yu was accused of not paying for 110,000 yuan (£12,711) worth of potatoes before then fleeing Zhejiang province.

By Sophie Williams. 

Full story at Yahoo News.

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