Friday, 8 June 2018

G7 leaders set to clash with combative Trump over tariffs, trade.

A man walks past the Charevoix G7 logo at the main press center ahead of G7 Summit in Quebec FILE PHOTO: A man walks past the Charlevoix G7 logo at the main press center ahead of the G7 Summit in Quebec, Canada, June 6, 2018. REUTERS/Yves Herman
QUEBEC CITY (Reuters) - Leaders of the Group of Seven rich nations are set to clash with a combative U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday when they pressure him to lift sanctions on steel and aluminium they fear could lead to a trade war.

The confrontation threatens to rupture a body that during its 43-year history has traditionally sought to find consensus on the economy and other issues.

Trump, who aides say has little interest in multilateralism, resumed his tirade against Canada early Friday morning and appeared prepared to exit talks early without a consensus agreement among all seven countries.

"Looking forward to straightening out unfair Trade Deals with the G-7 countries. If it doesn’t happen, we come out even better!" Trump tweeted early Friday morning ahead of his planned departure from Washington to Quebec.
Officials concede the mood is likely to be exceptionally tense.

Full story at Yahoo News.

By Jan Strupczewski and William James.

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