Friday, 15 June 2018

Holidaymakers ‘spend average £161 on essentials before trip’

Holidaymakers can expect to spend just over £160 before they even get on a plane, a survey has found.

On average, people fork out £161 stocking up on last-minute essentials in preparation for their trip, such as clothing, medicines and sunscreen, toiletries and make-up, magazines and books, snacks for the journey, accessories such as adapters, chargers and headphones, as well as toys and games to keep the family entertained.

The research, from American Express, also looked at how pre-holiday spending varies across 10 major UK cities.
It found holidaymakers in London splash out £234 on average, while those in Newcastle spend £176 and people in Manchester also fork out more than average, at £173.

People in Manchester and Newcastle were found to spend the most typically on holiday clothing and accessories for their getaway, at £84 and £78 respectively, compared with an average of £60 across the survey.

By Vicky Shaw.

Full story at Yahoo News.

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